Taxi Voucher

What are Taxi vouchers?

With taxi vouchers you can pay taxi fares in Mechelen at a special rate. Each voucher has a value of 2.50 euros. You pay only half of the price when you buy these .
The vouchers are for sale per 10.

For who?

Citizens of Mechelen with travel difficulties or a limited income.
So you must:

Be domiciled in Mechelen.
Have a supervisor pass. Persons with a disability and the elderly from the age of 75 can apply for a supervisor's pass.
Or have a UITPAS with a special rate.

Where do you buy them?

Via the quick counter in the cityhall of Mechelen.
Via the e-counter. After payment you will receive the purchased vouchers by mail.
Through the desk in the Social House. Here you can only pay with cash.
Always keep your ID card and guide card or UiTPAS at hand.

How do you use taxi vouchers?

You book your taxi ride at one of the participating taxi companies and pay the vouchers locally.

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