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Smooth and efficient airport transfers for a stress-free journey

Airport transfers

Punctual and comfortable!

At CTD Taxi, we strive to provide impeccable service, ensuring a punctual and comfortable journey to and from any airport, both domestic and international. Our dedicated service is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we prefer to book your ride in advance. That way, we can provide a seamless and efficient service that perfectly suits your travel needs.

At Zaventem Airport, we have a specially reserved private car park at our disposal, offering direct access to the terminal entrance. This exclusive parking facility is designed to optimise the convenience and comfort of our passengers, allowing you to waste no time and start or end your journey effortlessly. With our proximity to the terminal, you will save valuable time and enjoy a smooth transition between your taxi and airport facilities.

Java café

Upon arrival, we closely monitor your flight using the flight number so that we can welcome you on time. Our experienced drivers will be ready in the arrival hall with a personal nameplate, so you will feel immediately welcome. At Brussels Airport, we work closely with the Java Café to coordinate this service flawlessly, so you can feel confident in our hospitality and efficiency. You can easily find us by looking at the picture on the left or at the bottom of this text.

International airport transfers

Besides our comprehensive service for domestic flights, we also specialise in transport to international airports. Whether you are planning to depart from Brussels Airport, Amsterdam Schiphol or any other major international airport, you can rely on our reliable and comfortable transport to your departure terminal. Our experienced drivers ensure a stress-free journey, with your comfort and peace of mind being our top priority.

Do not hesitate to book your next trip with CTD Taxi and enjoy a stress-free start to your journey, relying on our unparalleled service and dedication to your satisfaction.