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What types of taxis are available in Mechelen?

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Mechelen, a picturesque city located in the heart of Belgium, is known not only for its rich history and beautiful architecture, but also for its diverse transport options. One of the most convenient and reliable ways to travel around Mechelen is by taxi. But what types of taxis are actually available in this charming city? Let’s take a closer look at the different options available to travellers.

Street taxi

In Mechelen, street taxis offer two convenient options for travellers/individuals. The first variant can be ordered via a user-selected app, making it easy to plan a ride and agree on a price before you leave. Here, the provider has the freedom to set its own fares, with passengers agreeing via the app. Moreover, payment through a mobile app makes the whole process efficient, ensuring a smooth experience. On the other hand, there is also the option to call or stop a street taxi without prior price agreement. These rides are settled on the spot through the in-vehicle equipment, according to the fares set by the provider. These fares are clearly visible on a yellow-black fare card hanging at the back door of the vehicle, giving passengers full transparency on the cost of their ride.

For travellers in Mechelen, the diversity of street taxis offers flexibility and convenience. Whether you prefer to schedule your ride through an app with a pre-arranged price, or prefer to spontaneously hail a taxi on the street, both options are available to meet different needs. The ability to pre-arrange a price via a mobile app makes travelling stress-free and avoids surprises at checkout. On the other hand, the traditional system of calling or hailing a taxi on the street offers an instant solution for passengers who need a ride quickly. This diversity of options makes travelling in Mechelen by street taxi simple and accessible to all.

Stand taxi

At many visited locations such as train stations or airports, you can find a stand taxi. These taxis always have a taxi light, making them easy to spot. They use a taximeter to calculate the fare. It is important to note that fares for stand taxis can be set by the municipality where the stand is located. This ensures standardised and fair pricing, which contributes to the reliability of these taxis for travellers in busy locations.

In Mechelen, CTD Taxi offers a versatile service, acting as both a street taxi and a stand taxi. Travellers can easily reach us by calling us or finding us at busy locations such as the train station in Mechelen. As a street taxi, we offer the flexibility to schedule rides through a user-selected app, with pre-arranged prices for added convenience. At the same time, we are also available as a stand taxi at prominent locations in the city, where our taxis are always recognisable by the illuminated taxi light. Our fares are set fairly by the municipality, ensuring transparency and reliability for all our passengers. Whether you have a scheduled ride or need a last-minute trip, CTD Taxi is always ready to take you comfortably and safely to your destination in Mechelen.

Public transport taxi

On 6 January 2024, an important milestone was reached in Hoppin’s development. More than 90% of De Lijn’s new network was implemented on that day. At the same time, this phase also saw the introduction of De Lijn Flex, the successor system to the on-call bus, and customised transport that can be booked via the Hoppin switchboard, via the app, website or telephone switchboard. This flexible transport is mainly used in locations where demand for public transport is lower. In part, this demand is met by the taxi industry, at the request of De Lijn. In legislation, these taxis are classified as public transport taxis (OV-taxis).

The introduction of De Lijn Flex marks an important shift towards more demand-driven public transport, giving travellers more flexibility and convenience in planning their journeys. With the ability to book demand-driven transport through the Hoppincentre, public transport becomes more accessible and responsive to community needs. By collaborating with the taxi industry, public transport taxis can play a complementary role, providing a seamless and integrated mobility experience for all travellers, regardless of their destination or travel preferences.


Mechelen offers a range of diverse transport options, with taxis being an indispensable part of the urban transport system. With different types of taxis ranging from street taxis to stand-up taxis, travellers can enjoy flexibility, convenience and reliability when exploring the city and reaching their destinations. Whether you opt for a pre-arranged ride via a mobile app or a spontaneous trip via a street taxi, Mechelen has a suitable solution for every need.

Moreover, the introduction of Hoppin and De Lijn Flex has taken an important step in the evolution of public transport in Mechelen. With tailor-made transport that is demand-driven and the involvement of the taxi industry as OV taxis, public transport becomes even more accessible and responsive to community needs. These innovations promise a promising future for mobility in Mechelen, where travellers can continue to benefit from a diverse and efficient transport system that meets their ever-changing needs.

If you need a taxi during your stay in Mechelen, we are here for you. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to get you to your destination quickly and safely. We look forward to providing you with an excellent service.