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Why CTD Taxi is the best choice for group transport in Mechelen

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Group transportation can be challenging, especially if you are looking for a reliable and comfortable taxi service that meets all your needs. At CTD Taxi, we understand the unique requirements of group travel and offer solutions to suit groups of different sizes. Here are some reasons why you should choose CTD Taxi for your next group trip.

Spacious vehicles for larger parties

Whether you are travelling with 8, 12, even 20 people or more, CTD Taxi has the right vehicles to transport you comfortably and safely. Our spacious taxis and minibuses are perfect for group transport, with enough seats and luggage space for everyone. Our vehicles are equipped with modern facilities to make your journey as pleasant as possible, such as air conditioning, comfortable seats and plenty of legroom.

Safety and reliability

At CTD Taxi, safety comes first. All our drivers are experienced and well-trained, and our vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained. You can rest assured that you are in good hands, whether you are travelling to an event, the airport, or a business meeting. We follow strict safety protocols and ensure that our vehicles meet all legal requirements and safety standards.

Flexible and customisable services

We understand that every group is different. Therefore, we offer flexible services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a taxi for 8 people for a day trip, or a van for 20 people or more for a weekend outing, we have the right solution. Our services can be tailored to your schedule and preferences, making your trip smooth and stress-free.

Easy booking

Booking group transport with CTD Taxi is easy and stress-free. Our user-friendly booking system allows you to book a taxi quickly and easily.

Excellent customer service

Our customer service team is always ready to help you. Whether you have questions about our services, need help booking, or have special requests, our team is here to make sure your journey goes smoothly. We pride ourselves on our customer-centric approach and do everything we can to meet your expectations. From the time of booking to the completion of your trip, we are here to support you and resolve any issues quickly.

Environmentally friendly options

We are aware of the impact of transport on the environment and strive to minimise our carbon footprint. CTD Taxi invests in eco-friendly vehicles and technologies to provide sustainable transport solutions. By choosing CTD Taxi, you will contribute to a greener future and enjoy an eco-friendly ride.


For reliable and comfortable group transport in Mechelen and surrounding areas, CTD Taxi is the ideal choice. With our spacious vehicles, dedicated drivers, flexible services, and excellent customer service, we ensure that your group trip will be an enjoyable experience. Book your taxi with CTD Taxi today and experience the difference!